LifeDoor's smart sensing technology connects to your home's existing smoke detectors to automatically close your home's interior doors in the event of a fire. 

A closed door could save your life during a fire.

LifeDoor is a new life-saving invention that keeps your family safe. In the event of a fire, a closed door slows the spread of flames and protects you from smoke and noxious fumes, buying you and your family time to escape to safety.

No matter the reason for sleeping with a door open, whether it's the kids, pets or personal preference, LifeDoor has your family covered. Our patent pending technology listens for the distinct sound of a smoke detector so you can Sleep Safely™.


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why lifedoor? because a closed door can save your life.

We understand that you want to sleep with the door open. We have kids. We have pets. We all have unique personal preferences. But studies show that a closed door is much safer. LifeDoor is smart home technology that lets you leave your door open and gives you the security of knowing it will close automatically when it needs to. 

"If you can't get out of your house, the best thing you can possibly do is get a closed door between you and where the fire is."

-Steve Kerber, Director UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute


In the event of a fire, LifeDoor performs three simple, but life-saving actions:

1. Closes the door.

Protecting occupants from super heated smoke and toxic gases, and depriving the fire of the room's oxygen.

2. Illuminates the room.

Allowing the occupant to safely assess the situation and make a decision about the best way to exit the structure.

3. Sounds a secondary alarm.

A study conducted in the UK found that 80% of children ages of 3-to-12 sleep through standard smoke alarms. 

Video by UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute. UL FSRI research experiment, igniting a fire in the family room of a 3200 square foot home and measuring the conditions in two bedrooms on the second floor. One bedroom has an open door and the other bedroom has a closed door.


We get it - nobody wants to worry about a fire in their home, but preparing with LifeDoor will give you peace of mind. The reality is house fires spread 600% faster today than they did 40 years ago* and surveys show that 80% of young kids sleep through smoke detectors.**

By closing your door, lighting the room and sounding a secondary alarm - LifeDoor is the home technology you need to help you Sleep Safely.

*National Institute of Standards and Technology

**Prof. Niamh Daéid, University of Dundee

why you should 'close before you doze'

Ten years of research by the UL Firefighters Safety Research Institute shows that fire is getting faster and that a closed door makes a 900-degree difference. In 2017, they launched the "Close before you doze" campaign. For more information, click here.

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