Turning Smarthome Data into Life-Saving Action.

Sleep Safely

LifeDoor will be there when

you need it most.


LifeDoor is a new life-saving invention
that keeps your family safe


Smart sensing technology
that listens for your home's
existing smoke detectors to
automatically close your home's
interior doors in the event of a fire.

DSC06771 2.png

In the event of a fire,

a closed door slows the spread of flames and protects you from toxic smoke and noxious fumes, buying you and your family time to escape to safety or await rescue.

It doesn’t matter if it's the kids, the pets or just your personal preference. No matter the reason for sleeping with a door open LifeDoor has your family covered. Our patent pending technology listens for the distinct sound of your home’s smoke detectors so you can Sleep Safely™.


A closed door could
save your life during a fire.

simple to install


Easy to install



Protects your loved ones



Connects to existing devices



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We get it - nobody wants to worry about a fire in their home, but preparing with LifeDoor will give you peace of mind.

The reality is house fires spread 600% faster today than they did 40 years ago* and surveys show that 80% of young kids sleep through smoke detectors.**

By closing your door, lighting the room and sounding a secondary alarm - LifeDoor is the home technology you need to help you Sleep Safely.

*National Institute of Standards and Technology

**Prof. Niamh Daéid, University of Dundee


Why Lifedoor?

Because a closed door can save your life.

We understand that you want to sleep with the door open.

We have kids. We have pets.

We all have unique personal preferences.

But studies show that a closed door is much safer.